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  • Highlights from the 2016 American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC)

    AOHC EncoreThe 2016 American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC®) held April 10-13, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois, was attended by more than 1,400 occupational and environmental health professionals. Check out our recap page!

    You Can Still “Participate” in AOHC 2016!

    AOHC Encore! Recordings, CME and MOC

    Even if you could not attend this year’s meeting, there are still a number of ways to participate in AOHC 2016 and earn up to 117.5 CME/MOC credits! In partnership with our recording company, Mobiltape, ACOEM offers an on-line library of AOHC session recordings. To purchase the on-line library of conference sessions and/or CD- or DVD-ROM versions, visit the Mobiltape website.

    If you attended AOHC and want to receive additional CME or MOC credits — or if you did not attend and want to earn up to 117.5 CME credits — AOHC Encore is the opportunity for you. Purchase of the online library or CD/DVD recordings is required for earning credits through the AOHC self-paced learning activity.

    AOHC 2016 Self-Paced Learning Activity
    Information on recordings, pricing, and CME/MOC credits.

    Step 1: Purchase the conference recordings
    from Mobiltape. 

      Step 2: Purchase the AOHC Encore Self-Paced
    Learning Activity Packet from ACOEM.

     Purchase AOHC 2016 Conference Recordings   Purchase AOHC 2016 Self-Paced Learning Activity Packet

     Special pricing for AOHC 2016 attendees for the Self-Paced Learning Activity:
    Send us an e-mail at educationinfo@acoem.org to receive a special order form.

    AOHC 2016 Distance Learning Activity Packet

    This packet includes:
    Activity format, estimated time to complete the activity, learning objectives, continuing education credit information, registration information, and activity fees
    Summary of Credit Availability & Claim Tally
    Post Test & Answer Key
    Faculty Index & Disclosure Information
    Evaluation & Credit Verification Form

    PLEASE NOTE: Distance-learning CME expires on June 30 of the year following each AOHC. So the AOHC 2016 CME offering expires December 31, 2017.