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  • Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Training Programs

    As a registered NRCME training provider and a long-time leader in medical examiner education, ACOEM is a well-qualified resource for those seeking to be listed on the new National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. Led by Dr. Natalie Hartenbaum for more than a decade, the highly successful Commercial Driver Medical Examiner (CDME) course assumes participants have had extensive medical training and licensure which should have included training in taking medical histories, conducting physical examinations, and determining differential diagnosis, treatment, and medical management.

    The popular Online Training provides recordings of 9 modules for online viewing at your convenience. Access the modules anytime day or night, based on your schedule.  Module running time: 60 minutes each.   

    NRCME Examination

    It is important to note that the NRCME examination is not offered onsite in conjunction with the ACOEM course. The FMCSA’s official testing organization has testing centers around the country to help facilitate an easy examination process. To find the testing center near you, visit the NRCME website.

    What Happens on May 21, 2014?

    Training and NRCME examinations will continue after the May 21, 2014 deadline. You can still complete training and sit for the examination, allowing you to be listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME). Beginning May 21st, however, you are not eligible to perform commercial driver medical examinations until you complete training and pass the examination. Visit the NRCME website for more details about the deadline.