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    FDA Alerts - Health Care Notification Network

    The Health Care Notification Network (“HCNN”) is a secure, private network for physicians and physician assistants that delivers FDA-mandated drug recalls and Patient Safety Alerts immediately online, replacing the traditional paper-based method which relies on slow, cumbersome delivery via U.S. mail.

    The HCNN is free for physicians and physician assistants. Funding for the network is provided by the manufacturers who are required by the FDA to issue drug recalls and Patient Safety Alerts.

    The HCNN is governed by a non-profit board that protects the identity and privacy of participants. The emphasis of the HCNN is patient safety, therefore there is no advertising or marketing of any kind. Physician and physician assistant information registered with the HCNN – including email addresses – will never be sold, shared or disclosed to any third parties, including the FDA, manufacturers and other HCNN users.

    Key Features: 

    • ACOEM has partnered with the HCNN to bring this important service to you
    • The HCNN service is completely free for physicians and physician assistants
    • The HCNN does not include advertising or selling of any kind
    • Physicians and physician assistants may opt out of the HCNN at any time
    • Physicians and physician assistants may designate other healthcare professionals that are part of their medical team to receive HCNN alerts in order to facilitate information flow and patient follow-up
    • The HCNN fulfills the new FDA regulations for secure online delivery of patient safety Alerts
    • The HCNN is far more efficient than current paper-based patient safety alerts. Delays in alert delivery may increase liability risk
    • Nearly every major liability carrier and medical society is currently promoting the HCNN because of its ability to improve patient safety and reduce physician liability.

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    This service is available to ACOEM physicians and physician assistants.

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