• About ACOEM

  • Health and Productivity Section


    Co-Chair: Pamela A. Hymel, MD, MPH, FACOEM

    Co-Chair: Pamela Allweiss, MD, MSPH

    Secretary/Treasurer: Jeffrey E. Hess, MD, MS, FACOEM

    To access the section leaders’ contact information, please log in to MyACOEM and click on the “MySections” link to access the section page. Click on the tab that reads “Officers” and a list of the section leaders will be displayed with contact information for each individual.   

    Who Should Join 

    All individuals interested in workplace health and wellness initiatives, those wanting a more comprehensive understanding of health and productivity in the workplace, and members wishing to participate in research/projects on workplace health and wellness.

    How to Join 

    Contact ACOEM at 847-818-1800 x 300, or download the Section Registration Form and fax it back to ACOEM at 847-818-8347.

    Special Interest Section Registration Form


    The Section on Health and Productivity shall:

    • Identify, qualify, conceptualize and prepare for implementation opportunities for ACOEM to partner with entities such as PHARMA Corporations, Employers, Unions, Academia, etc.
    • Develop and promulgate consensus guidelines and/or standards for the assessment and evaluation of measurements of productivity and systems for tracking such measurements in the workplace
    • Facilitate, promote, arrange for and/or conduct primary, secondary, and tertiary research on such measurements and tracking systems either alone or in partnership with others
    • Refine such measurements and tracking systems based on the findings of such research
    • Identify and implement products and services that ACOEM either alone or in partnership can make available to those in need of such measurements and tracking systems
    • Submit reports on its work at each regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors and/or at others times as needed
    • Plan educational meetings on Health and Productivity for ACOEM members and other key stakeholders 

    Highlighted Activities  

    • Development and ongoing updates to the HPM Toolkit™ and the HPM Clinic. 
    • Conducted survey among members and HR/benefits professions on understanding of HPM. 
    • Conducted research project on medication adherence.
    • Conduct sessions at AOHC on HPM.
    • Hold teleconferences every other month.
    • Hold annual in-person meeting at AOHC.
    • Sponsor web conferences such as the recent "Who Survives? How Benefit Costs Are Killing Your Company".
    • Sponsor the HPM Clinic and Worksite Wellness Courses.