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    About Health and Productivity Improvement

    What is Health and Productivity Improvement?
    Enlightened employers have begun to recognize that employees are a valuable corporate asset and that employee health is a key driver of enterprise performance and productivity.  Investments in health and safety can bring impressive cost savings and productivity gains. As a result, the practice of health and productivity improvement has emerged. The concept rests on the idea that comprehensive, integrated workforce health enhancement can lower health risks, reduce the burden of illness, improve productivity and reduce health-related costs – both to the employer and, more generally, to society as a whole.

    How does Health and Productivity Improvement work? 
    At the heart of the health and productivity improvement process is measurement of workplace health costs, accurate evaluation of the factors that are driving those costs, and the creation of evidence- and value-based health enhancement programs and strategies for workers.

    How does the employee benefit from health and productivity improvement? 
    Well-designed health and productivity improvement programs keep employees healthier and create a better work environment. Healthy workers are self-fulfilled and more satisfied; their lives are better integrated on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    What are the societal benefits of health and productivity improvement? 
    The impact of employees’ good health touches on their families and communities and it impacts the workplace, where they are naturally more productive – they are able to contribute more to their vocations for more years and they place much less burden on the health care system. Employers who implement health and improvement programs, in turn, experience better results, enhanced productive capacity and stronger profitability. The nation’s economic infrastructure benefits from greater competitive ability, higher productive output and a more stable health system and entitlement programs.