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    Welcome to the official web site of the ACOEM Guidance for the Medical Evaluation of Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs). This electronic subscription-based guidance is intended to provide physicians with information to assist them in making medical qualification recommendations that promote the health and safety of law enforcement officers (LEOs) while at the same time ensuring their ability to protect civilian life and property.

    In addition to the target audience of physicians who provide medical care for LEOs, the LEO Medical Guidance is also a valuable tool for public safety personnel and members of national and international associations representing LEOs, law enforcement executives, municipal managers, attorneys, and insurers. Initial Evaluation and Neurology/Seizures are the newest chapters to be added to this continuously evolving resource! An updated diabetes chapter and an enhanced chapter on medications were posted last year along with sleep disorders and amputations/prosthetics. Other available chapters cover cardiovascular issues, hearing, infectious diseases, pregnancy, substance use disorders, and vision. Additional topics under development are mental health/psychiatric issues, musculoskeletal, hematology, pulmonary disorders, and risk assessment, with others to follow (e.g., correctional officers, swat teams, bomb technicians, and clandestine labs).

    Subscription Information — A 1-year subscription to LEO Medical Guidance is $199.95. Enrollment provides a full year on-line access to this unique resource. If you have questions or need more information, call ACOEM at 847/818-1800.

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