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Links to States' plans
California Specific Recommendations
Workplace Specific Recommendations
  • Anon. multi-national firm
  • Corning International
  • Dartmouth Medical Center
  • Contributed instructive materials
  • Labor's comments on Federal plans
  • University Consortium plan
Online Discussions via Occ-Env-Med-L

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State Pandemic Plans



Surveillance for Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Overview
California-Los Angeles Joint Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Summit


What Hunters Should Know About Avian Influenza (Bird Flu), 2 pages Acrobat




Worksite Specific Plans and Contributions from Occ-Env-Med-L Readers

  • Multinational Corporate Plan (Requires Excel to display)

  • Contributed by one of our Occ-Env-Med-L members, this plan is very carefully and dispassionately authored to preserve life and corporate integrity. It is displayed in Excel, emphasizing the fiscal / organizational approach. It's very compelling reading, especially in its response to stepwise collapse of organized society.

    Same company, new content, added May 2006. This is a MS-Word / *.DOC file.



  • National Business Group on Health

  • An Employer Toolkit: Terrorism Preparedness and Planning: A Public/Private Partnership. This speaks of  "Terrorism", but actually discusses emergency planning and worksite public health issues in great detail.


  • Avian Influenza, Political, Social, and Economic Dimensions of the Continuing Threat from Emerging Infectious Diseases. A Symposium

  • Powerpoint, 15 slides, 48K summarizing a multidisciplinary symposium held Nov. 15, 2005 at The George Washington University, Washington DC.

    Sponsored by International Resource Group (IRG); Dept. of Environmental and Occupational Health, GW School of Public Health and Health Services.
    Contributed by Tee Guidotti, GWUMC

    Avian Influenza: A Symposium Report  Acrobat


  • Occupational Health Aspects of Avian Flu, November, 2005

  • Powerpoint presentation to WHO by John Halpin, MD Occupational & Environmental Medicine chief resident at UIC, University of Illinois/Chicago School of Public Health, while spending a month at the Occupational medicine section of WHO



  • Corning Incorporated

    Corning is "a diversified technology company with a proud history of developing breakthrough technologies". Products include "LCD displays for communications and entertainment; optical fiber, cable, hardware and equipment for fiber-to-the-premises applications; and emissions-control technology for light-, medium- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles." It has approximately 25,000 employees worldwide, with headquarters in Corning, NY and research centers in N. America, Europe, Asia. 2004 revenues were $3.85 B. Its Medical Director, James L. Schuppert, MD, contributed 2 planning documents for review and consideration by other employers.

    • Medical Crisis Plan Risk Response
    • This document is a planning table for a multi-disciplinary response (including contractor relations) at several levels of medical crisis, for business level activities.


    • Medical Preparedness Grid

      This second document offers more general preparation information for mass illness, for facility based granular level activities.  The facility grid has been used as the basis for auditing the level of response by having each facility fill it out and then it is reviewed by Director of Health Services and the Director of Health and Safety.



  • Short Advice document provided to a local utility company


  • Abbreviated, US-Focused Derivative from New Zealand Plan

    This (un-named) organization has created a version of the New Zealand program that drops the local references and tries to adapt it to US norms. The original is here. The copy here is saved as an *.rtf file, and can be read with any word-processor. I converted it to a MS-Word doc file.


  • Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center's Readiness Plan for Epidemic Respiratory Infection

  • A 22 page Word/Doc file, includes

    • Six Levels Of Alert
    • Level: Ready
    • Level: Green

    • Confirmed Efficient Human-To-Human Transmission Of Potentially Epidemic Contagious Respiratory Infection Present Outside The Us And Bordering Countries (Canada And Mexico)

    • Outpatient Management Protocol
    • Inpatient Management Protocol


  • University of North Carolina's Guidance to Students, Staff.

      This isn't a pandemic plan, but a practical posting to members of a community with achievable instructions for immediate use.


  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (ASFCME)

      Critique and Petition regarding the National Pandemic Flu plan

      The main focus is that there's little or no attention to protecting the huge mobilized workforce for healthcare. It requests higher standards of Engineering, personal and risk stratification.

    T. Warner Hudson, III, MD, FACOEM, FAAFP

      Dir Health Safety & Env DST Output

    Peter H. Wald, MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM

      AVP Wellness , USAA F-SVC-E

      Planning grid / matrix (Excel file) for Pandemic stage-specific planning. These grids very compelling, and drive very specific steps, without overlapping suggestions and repetition.

  • Sidney Siu, MD, CIH, FACOEM

    Medical Director SRS Consultants Inc

    Essay explaining pandemic concepts and planning in non-technical terms.

  • University Pandemic Planning

    Insurance Coordinated by Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services

    Word document, 53 pages, developed by several universities, and "excerpted and revised with permission by the World Health Organization from their document titled, "WHO checklist for influenza pandemic preparedness planning."

    Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. is ranked as the world's fourth largest insurance broker. Gallagher Higher Education Practice Group specializes in serving the risk management and insurance needs of institutions of higher learning in the U.S.  

    Universities contributing co-authors (largely Risk Management officers, some HR & Environmental Safety) include

    Cornell University

    Michigan State University

    Northern Illinois University

    Syracuse University

    Texas Christian University

    University of Chicago

    University of Denver

    University of Illinois

    University of Texas

    Wheaton College

    See also the CDC's Checklists for a (not yet available, 3/14/06) University plan. Dr. Gerberding included "Colleges & Universities" on a slide of proposed guidance documents.

    Contributed by Chuck Cooper Dir. EH&S Portland State University

  • RI Committee on Occupational Safety & Health

  • UC Davis Emergency Management

    Campus Avian Flu / Pandemic Information

    A draft position paper to help campus planning efforts: “Telecommuter Planning Options in the Event of a Pandemic”

    An historical account of how the U-C Berkley campus coped with the 1918 pandemic

    Submitted by Warner Hudson, MD

  • Pandemic Intro Talk, including Corporate pandemic influenza preparedness.

    Good compilation of facts, few useful graphs of epidemic profiles.

    Powerpoint for download.

    Contributed by Doug Ball, MD, MA ; Resident Community & Preventive Medicine; Univ. of Rochester




    Occ-Env-Med-L Discussions

    Topics can also be searched at web archives. Look for "pandemic", "avian" or "H5N1", especially in the subject line

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