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Webinar 1.0 cme credits

Protecting Your Subpopulation from COVID-19: Insights from US Navy Region Japan

COVID-19 vaccination is a critical prevention measure to help end the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar will focus on the comprehensive antigen testing strategy and the vaccination campaign in US Navy Region Japan. Vaccine campaigns face a variety of challenges that could hinder their success. Learn about the keys to success in implementing a program to protect your subpopulations.

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ACOEM Quarterly Public Policy Briefing

This webinar will provide an update on OEM advocacy efforts. Webinar topics include: • Update on the federal government's response to COVID-19 including the recent ETS • Review of ACOEM's recent advocacy activities • OEM Pipeline • Outlook for EPA and OSHA

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ACOEM defines best practices for medical care and disability management. Learn how to use the most effective treatment to provide better patient care.
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Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Center

Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Center

Commercial driver medical examiners (CDMEs) ensure that commercial vehicle operators are qualified to drive. ACOEM provides CDME training and publishes a newsletter for providers.

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Public Safety Medicine Center

Public Safety Medicine Center

OEM professionals protect workers who protect the public, including firefighters, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, and crossing guards. ACOEM publishes guidance for those who provide medical treatment to law enforcement officers. 

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Medical Review Officer Center

Medical Review Officer Center

Medical review officers (MROs) review results from drug-testing programs and evaluate medical explanations for certain results. ACOEM is the educational provider of choice for MROs. ACOEM also publishes a newsletter for MROs.

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