• When Disaster Strikes

    Be Prepared

    Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergency Preparedness

    Critical Emergency Preparedness Steps
    for Occupational Physicians

    • Inventory existing in-house emergency plans
    • Know your responsibilities and stay within them
    • Contact local fire department to coordinate emergency planning
    • Contact Local Emergency Planning Council to coordinate emergency planning
    • Assess vulnerabilities at your institution
    • Appoint emergency planner for facility
    • Appoint a “wet blanket” to critique your emergency plan
    • Exercise your emergency plan with and without your “experts”
    • Know your resources and how to access them immediately and in various ways
    • “Semper gumby” - practice flexibility
    • Create an incident command structure for your facility
    • Learn what your community’s plan is for your facility (what do they expect of you)
    • Develop a relationship with the media
    • Assure that there is mental health support in your plan
    • Develop badge systems that allow access to your site for key personnel
    • Develop one button broadcast distribution lists
    • Develop redundant communication plans
    • Security is a major concern, plan with your local police department
    • Extend mutual aid compacts beyond public safety officers to include hospitals (emergency medical credentialing) and industries with emergency response resources