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    Writing and Defending Your IME Report

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    • Author: Seak, Inc.
    • Category: Evaluation of Impairment / Disability
    • ISBN: 1-892904-24-1
    • Format: Hardcover, 7 x 10 ¼"
    • Language: English
    • Published: 01/01/2004
    • Pages: 646

    Physicians who perform IMEs, write IME reports, and defend them at depositions, hearings, or trials now have a new, customized, invaluable resource - Writing and Defending Your IME Report: The Comprehensive Guide. This provides physicians with everything they need to write better and more defensible IME reports. In addition, it teaches physicians how to defend their IME reports.

    • 10 Detailed Model Reports
    • 27 Trick and Difficult Cross-Examination Questions (each with three different replies and a valuable lesson spelling out what counsel is trying to achieve and the strengths and weaknesses of each reply)
    • 25 Tactics (fair and unfair) that opposing counsel will use to discredit the IME physician and her report, which include:  
      • An explanation of the wording in the IME report  
      • A sample cross-examination demonstrating the tactic in action
      • A comment analyzing the tactic and offering specific advice on how to defeat the tactic, and  
      • An example how to defend the IME report as written.
    • 15 Common substantive, grammatical, typographical, and other transcription errors with suggestions on how to catch them before your report is finalized and how to answer questions about the mistakes that slip through
    • 6 Techniques for reducing the risks of being accused that the client improperly influenced you and your IME report
    • 35 Red Flag Words (terms) to avoid when you write your IME report
    • 6 Techniques for avoiding the use of extraneous language and information in your IME report. These techniques are demonstrated in 24 examples each which contain the offending language in the reports, resulting cross-examination, comment, and defense of the report as written