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    AMA Guides® to Navigating Disability Benefit Systems

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    • Author: American Medical Association
    • Category: Evaluation of Impairment / Disability
    • ISBN: 978-1-62202-374-5
    • Format: Softbound, 6" x 9"
    • Published: 02/01/2016
    • Pages: 277

    AMA Guides® to Navigating Disability Benefit Systems is an introduction to the basic principles and practices that lead to the best outcomes for patients at early stages of an encounter with worklessness. Written for front-line health care professionals who do not have specialized training in evaluating patients with respect to work capacity, this book will help navigate unfamiliar disability systems with greater ease.

    Confusion about how to deal with disability benefit systems does not simply frustrate health care professionals and their patients; it leads to poor health outcomes.

    Authors: Les Kertay, PhD; Marjorie Eskay-Auerbach, MD, JD; Mark H Hyman, MD