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    AMA Guides™ to the Evaluation of Ophthalmic Impairment and Disability

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    • Author: American Medical Association Press - Bernard R. Blais, MD, FAAO, FACS, FACOEM
    • Category: Vision & Ophthalmic Disability
    • ISBN: 978-1-60359-103-4
    • Format: Softbound, 6" x 9"
    • Language: English
    • Published: 11/01/2010
    • Pages: 270

    A comprehensive guide on vision and visual impairment that can be used to determine if visual impairment or disability exists, the severity of the diagnosis, and how this translates into whether a person is able to perform activities of daily living and occupational duties. Provides basic information for those untrained in ophthalmology, and will be useful to all who need to assess functional vision and impairments.
    Content includes:

    • Fundamental information on the anatomy of the eye, types of vision, aspects of visual impairment, and the aspects of vision loss and their connection to visual rehabilitation for those untrained in visual impairment
    • The latest information related to occupational ophthalmology and occupational optometry—details the "before impairment" and "after impairment"
    • Illustrations to show the different types of visual exams and aspects of vision loss
    • Visual impairment and possible job accommodations and restrictions
    • Recommendations for history, clinical tests and diagnoses
    • Charts and figures that clarify difficult concepts and provide concrete assistance to readers
    • Procedures and references for performing ocular screening and how to interpret screening results
    About the Author:
    Bernard R. Blais, MD, FAAO, FACOEM, FACS, is a board certified ophthalmologist with 20 years of clinical experience. He currently serves as Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at Albany Medical College, Albany, NY. Prior experience includes 30 years as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy, during which he served as a corporate Medical Director in Occupational Medical and Chairman of two ophthalmology departments at Naval Hospital Philadelphia and Naval Medical Center Bethesda, Maryland.