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    Global Occupational Health

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    • Author: Oxford University Press, Incorporated
    • Category: Health and Productivity Resources
    • ISBN: 9780195380002
    • Format: Hardcover 7 x 10
    • Language: English
    • Published: 03/11/2011
    • Pages: 610

    Global Occupational Health is a concise, complete introduction to work-related illnesses and injuries -- critical concerns for every country and at every stage of economic development and an important determinant of health and financial security for working adults and their families. This book will provide the reader with solid foundational knowledge of occupational health through the lens of economic development. This book addresses worker protection and the management of occupational health from rich industrialized countries to developing societies.

    The first section of the book concentrates on broad approaches and frameworks for the investigation and management of health in the workplace. The second section addresses important hazards. The third section addresses specific industry sectors, management challenges, and policies at the global level.

    Tee L. Guidotti, MD, MPH, DABT, is an international consultant in health, safety, and sustainability at Medical Advisory Services (a division of The NMAS Group), a firm in Rockville, Maryland. He is a physician and retired professor of environmental and occupational health.