CDME Center Review – CME Program <p>CDME Review Quarterly Newsletter – CME Program Summer 2009 Issue (submission deadline is July 1, 2010) Learning Objectives Understand and be able to cite the federal regulations for evaluating the medical fitness of commercial motor vehicle drivers and apply them effectively during</p> Marianne DregerMon, 01 Oct 2018 18:04:34 GMTCDME Center Home <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras rutrum magna sed diam. Nunc ante nunc, iaculis nec, consectetur ac, sodales eget, lectus. Ut id metus eu ipsum fermentum feugiat. Aenean a ipsum et massa auctor dictum. Etiam eleifend. Donec luctus. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Praesent convallis, neque ac scelerisque consequat, ligula arcu rutrum quam, vel tristique libero diam in libero. Quisque elementum est in augue. Morbi sit amet mi sed nibh vulputate vulputate. Curabitur magna quam, lobortis a, luctus congue, congue eget, nulla. Integer tempor.</p> Marianne DregerTue, 21 Aug 2018 19:26:08 GMTCDME Right Menu <p>CDME Right Menu</p> Bud RomanoTue, 31 Jul 2012 16:03:08 GMTtest cdme <p>Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Center Commercial driver medical examiners (CDMEs) play a vital role in promoting the safety of America's roadways by ensuring that commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators are physically qualified to drive. Examiners may be physicians or other health care provider licensed by their state practice act to perform examinations. NRCME Final Rule Published — Effective Date May 21, 2012 FMCSA has just released the final rule establishing the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME). The rule, which is effective May 21, 2012, is posted on the FMCSA web site and published in the April 20 issue of the Federal Register. Here are some important links: Rule National Registry Schedule FMCSA Press Release NRCME web site Medical Examiner Handbook NRCME Listserve Additional information regarding the NRCME will be posted on the CDME Center as it becomes available. Check back frequently to stay up to date and to view ACOEM’s CDME course schedule when it becomes available next month. </p> Bud RomanoFri, 18 May 2012 12:04:04 GMTNRCME - thank you <p>Thank you.</p> Bud RomanoWed, 16 May 2012 13:06:43 GMTCDME Private Right Menu <p>CDME Private Right Menu</p> Bud RomanoMon, 19 Oct 2009 12:09:40 GMTCDME Private <p>CDME Private</p> Bud RomanoMon, 19 Oct 2009 12:03:52 GMTLeft Promo Content <p>Left Promo Content</p> Bud RomanoFri, 24 Jul 2009 12:53:45 GMTCDME XML <p>CDME XML</p> BUILTIN BUILTINFri, 06 Mar 2009 10:22:26 GMTCDME Right <p>CDME Right</p> BUILTIN BUILTINFri, 06 Mar 2009 10:19:41 GMT