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Virtual Event 18.5 cme credits

Medical Review Officer Online Course with Live Discussion

The need for trained medical review officers (MROs) to evaluate drug and alcohol test results is enormous, and it is estimated that more than 20 million Americans are covered by programs requiring testing. Physicians in many specialties conduct drug and alcohol tests for business, industry, government agencies, and schools. The Drug-Free Workplace Act affects all federal agencies, and mandatory alcohol and drug testing is now required of all intrastate truckers, commercial driver’s license holders, pilots, and other transportation workers. ACOEM’s MRO Online course is a 24/7 on-demand course that consists of 30 recorded modules, 90 self-assessment questions, a syllabus, syllabus supplement and a resource guide. Taking the course qualifies you to sit for the MRO certification exam required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and many private companies doing drug and alcohol testing (e.g., more than 60 percent of large private employers require drug and alcohol testing). Additionally, in joint government agreements, the United States, Canada, and Mexico also monitor truckers crossing international borders. More than 16,000 physicians have completed ACOEM’s highly acclaimed training and ACOEM has been the educational provider of choice for MROs since 1990.

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Webinar 1.0 cme credits

Commercial Driver Medical Exam: Updates and Current Issues

This report included many updates to the Cardiovascular Recommendation Tables which differ significantly from the current tables. Natalie Hartenbaum, MD, MPH, FACOEM will review discussions of the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee at their July 2020 meeting on the use of Hemp products by commercial drivers.

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Fresh Air and Sunshine: Indoors!

This webinar will provide a brief history of the pandemic spread and controls relevant to COVID-19 epidemiology, forecasts and challenges and the precautionary principles and controversies in public health understanding and recommendations in the current pandemic.

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Practice Guidelines: Your ACOEM Member Benefit!

Practice Guidelines: Defining Excellence

ACOEM defines best practices for medical care and disability management. Learn how to use the most effective treatment to provide better patient care.

Read how to reduce opioid subscriptions by implementing ACOEM’s Opioid Guideline.

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Special Interest

Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Center

Commercial Driver Medical Examiner Center

Commercial driver medical examiners (CDMEs) ensure that commercial vehicle operators are qualified to drive. ACOEM provides CDME training and publishes a newsletter for providers.

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Public Safety Medicine Center

Public Safety Medicine Center

OEM professionals protect workers who protect the public, including firefighters, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, and crossing guards. ACOEM publishes guidance for those who provide medical treatment to law enforcement officers. 

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Medical Review Officer Center

Medical Review Officer Center

Medical review officers (MROs) review results from drug-testing programs and evaluate medical explanations for certain results. ACOEM is the educational provider of choice for MROs. ACOEM also publishes a newsletter for MROs.

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What Drives Corporate Boards to Engage with Occupational Health and Safety?

Occupational health and safety (OHS) faces competition for "a piece of the Boardroom pie," reports a study the June Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Opioid Use Disorder Carries Health and Productivity Costs for Employers

Medication-assisted treatment reduces excess costs for opioid use disorder (OUD) reports a study the May Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Occupational Medicine Physicians Can Help Businesses Safely Return Employees to Work

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) has launched Getting America Safely Back to Work, an information campaign to advise businesses and the public about the importance of returning to work safely, and the specific role that OEM doctors can and should play in that process.