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  • Occupational Medicine Practice Guidelines

    ACOEM’s Practice Guidelines are the gold standard in effective treatment of occupational injuries and illnesses. The Guidelines present essential evidence-based information to address the injured worker’s functional impairment and safely return him or her to work. The treatment approach takes a comprehensive view that encompasses the medical, psychosocial, and functional outcomes of the injured worker. The Guidelines cover diagnostic and treatment options for cervical and thoracic spine, low back, shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, and forearm, hip and groin, knee, ankle and foot, occupational interstitial lung disease, and occupational asthma. They also cover Chronic Pain and the use of Opioids. The Guidelines are an important tool for physicians and other health care providers, and all others with responsibility for or involvement in worker health and workers’ compensation systems. 

    The Guidelines are published by Reed Group and are available electronically through APG-I. If you would like to purchase or renew your on-line subscription, call Reed Group at 888-680-1734 or e-mail at guidelines@reedgroup.com.

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