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    The Guidelines are published by Reed Group and are available electronically through MDGuidelines

    MDGuidelines® is the Guidelines web-based application that includes a more searchable interface allowing greater functionality of chapters that are updated with ACOEM's improved evidence-based methodology. This online tool dramatically improves the usability of ACOEM’s Practice Guidelines and also provides users with first access to chapters as they are updated. 

    ACOEM’s Guidelines are the gold standard in effective treatment of occupational injuries and illnesses. They are intended to help improve or restore the health of those workers who incur occupationally related illnesses or injuries. ACOEM’s are the only evidence-based guidelines that focus on returning employees to work within 90 days of an injury or illness, however, medical issues outside of the 90-day range are also addressed throughout the Guidelines. The Guidelines are an important tool for occupational and other physicians, health care professionals, insurers, employers, attorneys, and all others with responsibility for or involvement in worker health and workers’ compensation systems. They also include a series of foundational chapters that are a perfect introduction for non-occupational specialists beginning to see injured workers in their practice.

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